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Your Body, the way you want it!

Goddess Fitness is owned by Alicia Williams, also known as Coach Cola. Alicia is a certified personal trainer with a specialization in corrective exercise. She also carries a B.S in Kinesiology.

We believe when it comes to fitness it should be a challenge but doable. The most important thing about having Cola as a trainer is that she will meet you where you are physically and you two build upon your physicalities from there. As far as our products, we believe in affordable quality products to help you along your journey. You'll love the boost they add to any workout plan!

Fitness came to Alicia at time when she was at her lowest and severely depressed. Fitness changed all that sadness for her. 

She will tell you time and again that Fitness is more than physical. Its a mental and emotional journey as well. 

Fitness is a Lifestyle! Come join our fit family!

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